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Keep your vehicle running longer

Don't ignore your transmission problems until it's too late - instead, call the expert mechanics at Terry's Transmissions for fast, affordable repairs. You'll SAVE money later by keeping your vehicle in great shape NOW! Call to set up your appointment.

If there is a problem with your vehicle's drivetrain, Terry's Transmission is the place to go. From your axles to your clutch, Terry's Transmissions can get you back on the road and back to your life!

If you drive it, we'll fix it

• American cars 
• Foreign cars 
• Classic cars 
• Race cars 
• Motor homes 
• Trucks 
• Any makes or models

This piece of diagnostic equipment will Test Valve bodies on Automatic Transmissions

Is your vehicle slipping as it gets older?

Any vehicle, manual or automatic, requires a well-kept transmission in order to function. But if your clutch is starting to slip or you notice a smell from your transmission, it's time to have your car or truck looked at. Bring it to the experts at Terry's Transmissions.

Sometimes when you open up the hood for repairs, you'll find a bit more than you bargained for. Choose the team that is ready for anything. At Terry's Transmissions, we resurface flywheels and makes hydraulic hoses on the spot!

If you drive it, we'll fix it

• Fast, efficient repairs 
• Estimates on clutch repair services 
• Reliable mechanical work 
• Affordable pricing 
• Warranty on all service work 
• Knowledgeable technicians 
• Foreign and domestic vehicles

Serving the area since 1981

Keep your wheels on the road

An axle repair doesn't mean you'll be back in the shop a week later. Trust Terry's Transmissions with their service, work warranty and over 33 years of technical experience. Once you get back on the pavement, make sure you stay there for as long as possible! Call today!

A damaged axle isn't just hard on your vehicle, it can be extremely dangerous out on the road. Make sure you're safe every time you get behind the wheel. Schedule your appointment for your axle, transmission, or clutch repair service today!

Quality service since 1981

• Independently owned and operated 
• Over 33 years of technical and diagnostic experience 
• Warranties on all our own work 
• Extended warranties and insurance claims honored 
• 1 year, 12,000 miles nationwide warranty 
• Transmission Dyno Machine

Serving the area since 1981

Keep your whole vehicle in top shape

As a vehicle owner, you know that you need to change the oil, check the tires, and refill fluids in your car or truck. But when was the last time you had your differential, transfer case, or transaxle checked? Call Terry's Transmissions today to schedule your appointment.

By ensuring your differential is serviced for your vehicle, you'll extend the life of your car or truck and prevent damage to your axle, driveshaft, and transmission.

Trust the experts at Terry's Transmissions

•     Differential, transaxle, and transfer case service
•     Fluids checked, replaced, and topped off
•     Prevent premature gear wear
•     Lubrication of U-joints

Differential allows your vehicle wheels to turn at different speeds allowing you to turn a corner smoothly. If you notice noises coming from your axle area, it's time to call Terry's Transmissions!

Serving the area since 1981

Don't let a little problem become a big issue.

1 YR
12,000 Mi
Nationwide Warranty

Receive your 1 year, 12,000 mile nationwide warranty on your transmission rebuild when you call Terry's Transmissions today! Schedule your appointment now.

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