Auto Maintenance

Avoid costly repairs with regular maintenance

You drive your vehicle regularly, so you know how it handles, what sounds it makes, and what it feels like while driving. But if you notice a change in your vehicle, from smell to sound, it could be a precursor to a major problem. Call Terry's Transmissions for fast, affordable repairs!

Fix damage as soon as it happens

• Watch for leaks or stains under your vehicle  
• Check fluid levels regularly 
• Keep an eye on fluids changing color or odor 
• Be aware of new noises or vibrations 
• Be sensitive to how your vehicle shifts 
• Bring your vehicle to Terry's Transmissions at the first sign of trouble!

From the transmission to the axles, Terry's Transmissions is your first choice for quality, drivetrain repairs and service. Call the experts for transmission, clutch, or axle repair and ask about our differential service!

Call for maintenance

Don't let a little problem become a big issue.


Not only can Terry's Transmissions resurface flywheels and make hydraulic hoses on the spot, take advantage of our Transmission Dyno Machine - the only one in the area!

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